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How To Bpc 157 protocol reddit: 4 Strategies That Work

Nov 19, 2023 ... I'm not exactly comfortable but I'm more comfortable with taking these peptides than what my doctor is trying to prescribe me.My ACL Recovery with BPC 157. There isn't much out there with ACL recovery after surgery using BPC 157. This is for anybody that's curious and wanting to see if it actually works. I am today three weeks post surgery and have reduced swelling by almost 90%. Able to do all exercises with ease.Gastroparethis is where food either doesn't digest quickly in the stomach to move into the small intestine or there are never issues within the stomach. Bpc 157 could possibly help with gastroparethis. Habit forming. The anti-inflammatory and dopaminergic properties are psychologically addictive.No conclusive answer but many people say to avoid BPC as it has anti-inflammatory action whereas TB500 (fragment 17-23 of TB4) does not have anti-inflammatory action and may travel to the location of PRP injection to amplify its effectiveness. Oh I didn't know TB500 didn't have those effects.With what I think to be tendon injuries to the inside of each elbow and also to the outside, what would be the safest, most effective method of…Ive began taking BPC 157 for Alcohol and benzo related PAWs after reading multiple success stories here on reddit. I've been dosing 300mcg twice daily and it seems to be making my symptoms worse. I've read that its normal to expect some lethargy and anxiety in the first week but this seems excessive.4. Sort by: UK-PEPTIDES. • 7 yr. ago. Hi, TB500 is more for muscle damage and good to prevent swelling around the injury. a 2mg vial will last around a week. BPC 157 is good for soft tissue ligaments and tendons it can be used around the injury area or sub q most users prefer site injection. when I personally had a rotary cuff injury I used 1 ...BPC 157 is one of those expensive supplements that use scam marketing to promote itself. “BPC-157 shows promise, but human studies are needed to demonstrate that these benefits extend beyond research animals.”. I wouldnt take this supplement if you paid me to. There have been zero human studies of this supplement. BPC 157 is one of those expensive supplements that use scam marketing to promote itself. “BPC-157 shows promise, but human studies are needed to demonstrate that these benefits extend beyond research animals.”. I wouldnt take this supplement if you paid me to. There have been zero human studies of this supplement. Does anyone have any experiences about using BPC-157 or other peptides and affects on vision? I saw halos/rings around any lights i saw during night time, now its the next day and the effects are gone, I wear contacts and ive had astigmatism since i was young, I saw an eye doctor today and everything looks normal he said it was probably watery ...How To Inject BPC-157 Or Take It Orally. BPC-157 acts systemically. This means that whether you inject it subcutaneously (an easier and more-pain free under-the-skin method that you should do as close to the area of pain as possible), intramuscularly (the more painful and teeth-gritting version of essentially "stabbing" the needle into the muscle as close to the injury as possible), or you ... cyclist5000. How much TB 500 does it contain? It should be labeled either 2, 5, or 10mg. 10mg thx for responding! I was going to add 2ml of b water so two syringes how to I calculate 1mg or 2 mg? I was using a peptide calculator that only shows mcg. I am TERRIBLE at this math lol 😆 its pathetic. Get the Reddit app Scan this QR code to download the app now. Or check it out in the app stores Home; Popular; TOPICS ... Oral BPC 157 for Gut Health | irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, Crohn's disease, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth ... Biohacking Consultation & Protocol Design self.biohackbob upvote r/PeptideGuide. r/PeptideGuide ...Anyway, physical therapy helped me tremendously. However, you must actually do the excercises and stretches they tell you to do daily. You must put in the effort to see results. Today, my back doesn't hurt at all, and all the lower back muscles that had atrophied have all come back. Was a slow recovery, took a few years.Especially after spending a lot of money! 6k is a lot on peptides! Also, again, just trying to clarify that TB4/TB500 do promote healing. I’m assuming you’re stating that you just don’t notice it’s as much as BPC-157. This is true for a lot of patients. They see better healing with BPC-157. It is why I start there most of the time.BPC 157 every 5 hours safe? Basically the title. I'm pinning 250mcg of bpc every 5 hours through a 10mg vial. IE, I will pin in 10 or so minutes and then wake up at 2am for another and repeat until it's gone. I ran a 5mg vial until empty on morning and night 250mcg dosage plus igf1-lr3 at 50mcg one a day for the same 10 or whatever days ...With what I think to be tendon injuries to the inside of each elbow and also to the outside, what would be the safest, most effective method of…Where that happens, it will want its own blood supply so angiogenesis is necessary to do that. BPC-157 is angiogenic meaning it will promote new blood vessel development. Cancer tumors need their own blood supply and rely on angiogenesis to make that happen. This is why BPC-157 is dangerous for cancer patients.There are a lot of misconceptions about BPC-157, like that it's from the gut so obviously that's where you should put it. Well, BPC-157 was isolated from a much larger peptide (BPC) which is more equipped to withstand the gastric environment. But there was actually early research that found the sequence was produced in a wide range of ...That’s funny because I just started TB 500 and BPC 157 for lower back injury and others. TB500 is supposed to have a systemic effect, however I inject it as close to my affected area as possible. It’s been 3 days and I do 10 units a day using an insulin syringe. In these past 3 days I have experienced less pain and increased flexibility in ...Oral bbc affects the gut and GI tract whereas sub Q bpc affects joints tendons and tissue healing. BPC has anti-inflammatory effects and it can work in a mast cell deactivator like way. It's also known to have an antihistamine-like effect as well. I wrote a protocol for BPC and GHK-CU known as the Anela Protocol.250mg twice a day. So 500mg total daily. 500mg x 30 = 15g. So 3 x 5mg Vials for a month supply. Only reconstitute each vial when ready to use it. Typically you'd run for 2 months though, and also run TB500 along side it (2.5mg twice a week at least). 5mg + 2ml bac water gives you 2500mg of BPC per 1ml.I've been using xpeptides for years. They are legit. BPC 157; Mod29 and Ipemorelin for anti aging and healing (I've had 3 shoulder surgeries and a hip surgery, lower back and glute issues post shoulder surgery. The last surgery in 2020 I combined the mod29/ipe and BPC for healing. They. have a Redit page, but you can message me for the email ...New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I have 5mg bpc157 and add 2ml bac water to the vial. This means I sraw back .1ml into my syringe and pin 250mcg 2x daily. So for you, I'd just double what I do for the same dosing. i.e. add 4ml bacteriostatic water. 250mcg twice daily.BPC-157 is a 15 amino acid chain. It does not have the folds and bonds that make IGF unstable. I could reconstitute BPC-157 and shake the vial to hell and back and it would be mostly fine. Its more prone to UV and heat damage than mechanical agitation. You dont have to carefully squirt the bac water down the side of the tube when reconstituting it.1000mcg per day is the optimal dose for SQ as well. For oral depending on the formulation, you will absorb close to 90% or more. I will be taking 1mg twice daily myself when it lands. 500 mcg oral gives me this weird nervous feeling in my stomach like I'm ready to take the stage in front of 1000 people.We think of serotonin as the happy molecule, but too much (mania) leads to anxiety and panic. BPC 157 is known for angiogenesis but also suspected of assisting with neurogenesis, hence leading to an increased production of serotonin. ... Look up PAWS and check out the ashton protocol. And watch the FDA doctor interview with a man who' wife's ...11 votes, 10 comments. true. Although I am late to the party here, I am currently using BPC-157 to reduce damage and length of illness from Covid; Prednizone with tapering protocol (to get past the symptoms); Hgh (boosts immunity), Imitrex (congestion and headache), gallons of water (double my usual intake).In addition to initial ice, heat, rest, collagen peptides (oral), grounding, vitamin supplementation, and red light therapy, I'm looking to add BPC-157 to my regimen, since rib injuries can take a long while to heal. I was initially going to go with Peptide Sciences' injectable BPC based on Ben Greenfield's advice.I struggle with my elbows, ive done the tb500 & bpc both seperately and together , low dose / high dose, long term or accute. I am 42. I have not tried the Deca though i am slated to in about 12 weeks. I would adapting your lifting and warming up is some great advice. The bpc and tb500 are tremendous but they will not perform miracles. Close.The gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157, which has been used in clinical trials for ulcerative colitis, exerted rapid cytoprotective endothelium rescue against the …250mcg to 500mcg, twice a day. Shoot into mouth and chase with water so that it makes it to your stomach. Buy sterile water to mix the peptide. 2. DirectorFragrant. • 3 yr. ago. 200-400mcg I take orally. 1. true.Dose response curve for BPC-157 is quite shallow, doubling or halving the dosage within the mcg range produces very little variance in total benefit. Dosage frequency is much more effective for controlling total effects, both positive and negative.TB 500 + BPC 157 Protocols. What's the consensus on this protocol currently? I'm 44yo, 180lbs and am not addressing any one specific issue but more a accumulation of joint, ligament issues. An old rotator cuff injury and most recently a couple cracked ribs (though I'm not sure this protocol would help with the ribs).For what it's worth. I tried using BPC 157 for months on a wrist injury. Went to a PT and it was fixed in the first couple weeks. BPC can fix inflammation and repair, but my issue was mechanical and due to imbalances and weak muscles in certain areas and tight ones in others. If you've got a lot of injuries I'd suggest finding a good ...What normally takes my wife 2-3 weeks to fix a back injury took 3 days. Injections on site. Background story. She was hit by a car before we got married 14 years ago and her hip and back can give her trouble.ADMIN MOD. BPC 157 and GHK-CU. Just want to confirm I have done this correctly. 2 vials BPC157 5mg one GHK-CU 50mg each reconstituted with 1 ml of bac water. I drew out the BPC157 after reconstitution and injected into vial of GHK-CU . Daily dosage 250mcg BPC157 and 1250 mcg GHK-CU. Targeting skin and hair and have been using BPC157 for a month ...New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. IM as close to injury as possible. Peptides are not long acting. SubQ is route for that. IM most likely will neutralize the peptide before it can reach the pituitary, where they all work. Peptides and steroids are entirely different creatures.BPC-157 is the term used to refer to a pentadecapeptide, a protein with 15 amino acids. BPC is an acronym for 'Body Protection Compounds' and refers to "peptides comprising 8-15 amino acids residues with a molecular weight of 900-1,600 daltons" according to the patent for BPC-157, [1] although another study claims that BPC refers to a gastroprotective protein used to isolate BPC-157. [2]Bpc-157 (7 x 5mg vials) Dosage. 714 mcg a day. Frequency of injections. Half the dosage twice per day. 357 mcg in the morning upon waking. 357 mcg at night before bed. Reconstitution. Let vial thaw to room temperature, do not return to freezer after reconstitution, instead store in fridge.Get the Reddit app Scan this QR code to download the app now. Or check it out in the app stores ... Drafted an early report on my experience with BPC-157 - Using for endometriosis and surgical scarring ... One month Post Op Update: BPC-157 & TB-500 recovery protocol for Arthroscopic Shoulder Labrum SurgeryI dose BPC-157 at 500mcg once daily and TB4 at 500mcg once daily for patients. I keep seeing people on Reddit talking about half life but in real world use, I can say it works wonders at this dosing protocol. Perhaps giving 250mcg and 250mcg hours apart may be useful. All I know is what I see in practice with numerous patients.Hello, I've started BPC-157 three days ago hoping it helps my shoulders and ankle. I had shoulder surgery and have bad arthritis on my left and my right has developed some kind of nerve pinch or tendinitis from reaching over so much to apply ice/etc on it.Hey everyone, I started injecting BPC-157 (250mgc, twice daily) a few days ago to tackle knee pain. However, I've run into some unexpected issues. Since starting, I've been hit with fever-like fatigue, headaches, and my knee pain has actually worsened—feeling more constant and intense. I've seen others mention similar problems after BPC-157 use.Before going to such a program, however, I recommend trying the standard protocol first. If interested in animal uses, a typical dosing protocol for horses is a course of six 10 mg injections at 7-10 day intervals. For more intensive treatment, 20 mg is used weekly. For racing dogs, a typical protocol is a course of six 5 mg injections taken ...BPC 157 Protocol. BPC 157 can be injected or taken orally. Some prefer to take it orally for ease of use, but it's much less effective and you'd have to take large amounts to get decent results. This is not only less effective for threating the injury, but also expensive to sustain. Injectable administration is preferable for treating injuries.BPC-157 blunts the effects of a lot of drugs. Stims are usually the big one due to the modulation of dopaminergic systems. [1] [2] Anecdotally, I’ve also noticed blunted to no effects from Kratom and Pregabalin. Even sober, it can cause emotional blunting - I suspect this is due to the modulation of serotonin in the gut-brain axis.messed up digestive system (this is a result of a wrong probiotic protocol that I followed in 2018) Recent quad tear (3.8 cm) I'd like to know your experience, the good but expecially the negative ones, with BPC 157, as I'd like to try it. Thank you so much.Recovery protocol (bpc-157, TB500) Thread starter klimez; Start date May 6, 2019; klimez ... May 6, 2019 #1 because of slow recovery after trainings i decided to use bpc-157 and tb500. Also i am having some shoulder problems, knee pain, back pain with which i hope i will help a little if not a lot. ... Facebook Reddit Pinterest Email Link ...I will tell you how I reconstituted my BPC. I've done it over 10 times. 3ml of BAC water. You will need to buy 1ml insulin pins to dose, get on Amazon. After you reconstitute the bpc with 3ml water, you will draw back 15 units (there are 100 units on a pin) and that will provide about 250mcg of bpc. 6.I am using BPC-157 from peptide sciences. I had ACL reconstructive surgery 9 weeks, I am far ahead of schedule, able to do single leg sit to stand to about 90 degrees. I followed ben Greenfield's protocols on how to take it, seems to be working well. I am also a 280 pound offensive lineman in college to give some context. BPC-157 Injection & Dosage. Hey all, I'm about to try BPC for the first time, my first time with a peptide. A little backstory, I'll try to keep it brief: Around March last year, I injured my left knee, was in really bad pain for a week, but then just let it be. Around May, I noticed inflammation in my neck, and I wasn't sure what it was. People use BPC-157 for more site specific issues meaning that’s where they’ll inject it. Where as with, TB-500, it doesn’t matter. Both, regardless of where the issue is will have a positive result, but, BPC-157, has specific gene expressions when locally applied. For example, there’s research that shows, BPC-157, can work site specific.If there's no allergic reaction, then you're good. You can then start increasing the dose each day until you reach your desired dose. Doing it this way will let you know how your body reacts, and if there is a negative reaction, hopefully you'll catch it at a lower dose instead of a higher one and mitigate some of it. 2. Lost-my-way. • 1 yr. ago.Feb 9, 2024 · BPC 157 Protocol. BPC 157 can be injected or taken orally. Some prefer to take it orally for ease of use, but it’s much less effective and you’d have to take large amounts to get decent results. This is not only less effective for threating the injury, but also expensive to sustain. Injectable administration is preferable for treating injuries. Jul 26, 2023 ... BPC-157 is typically adminA lot of people have been getting well using t BPC-157 for shoulder labrum repair. I am starting a regimen of PC-157 after recent shoulder labrum repair and biceps tenodesis (cutting and re-anchoring the biceps tendon). I learned about the healing properties from a Rogan podcast with Dr. Mark Gordon and Andrew Marr. I am following a regimen of twice daily with 250mcg subcutaneously.What was your protocol? I'm currently just on BPC for my shoulder, 4 days in, going to see how I go just with it ... Gets lucky once or twice and thinks he is a clever businessman.A few months later they are back on Reddit complaining about being scammed by some company in China. 🙄 ... BPC 157 helped me regain the ability to physically ... Yes - I am following a protocol popularised by To BPC 157 mechanism of action. After doing so research and am currently think of using but an worryed about the pathway the BPC influences in the body. FAK-paxillin pathway is one of a few pathways BPC interacts with with this being one that may promote gastric cancer while this makes alot of since as it is found in the gut bio. Another being the ...Peptide BPC-157. My ortho suggested BPC-157 to help with the heal process. I read online plenty of articles on how it helps with surgery but just trying to see if anyone has any experience with it personally. I am using BPC-157 from peptide sciences. I had ACL reconstructive surgery 9 weeks, I am far ahead of schedule, able to do single leg sit ... This week’s Compound/PED is: BPC 157. Wiki Compound Section...

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1. coatipop. • 5 yr. ago. Currently using both for post surgery healing, 7 days out. It hasn't hurt anything so far. Arthroscopi...


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Bpc 157 from swisschems dosage? Ive ordered the capsules, 60 capsules each 500mg. do i take one p...


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Here are just a few among the many benefits that BPC 157 can provide. Clinical research is on its way to furth...


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I searched about online but can't find much info related to BPC-157 and my specific condition. I aggregated the following dosing p...


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On the other hand, it didn't do anything with my cervical osteoarthritis, but that was to be expec...

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